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Sweat accomplishes dreams, strength witnesses glory

Wanshida committed to building a sustainable, widespread in nature renewable resource-based chemical business, and we continually strive to improve our output ratio of consumption, improve energy efficiency, energy saving. Do " resource-saving and environment-friendly "business is long-term development strategy of our company. we are concerned about the environment, employee health and safety, established HSE (environment, health, safety) department is responsible for the execution and implementation of this concept.
A strong sense of social responsibility for environmental protection to make Wanshida showed great concern and vigilance, attention to environmental protection and actively working through various effective measures will produce a minimum impact on the environment is our usual practice, we all suppliers have carried HSE assessment and audits to ensure that our environmental philosophy can be implemented, in addition, in the production process has always been implementing the concept of cleaner production, and actively implement new environmentally friendly process, and by-products generated in the process and solvent, etc. recycling recycling, the use of HSE system to ensure the safety and health of cleaner production. At present, waste water, waste gas, noise, odor and so has been effectively controlled or recycling. advanced clean environmental technology not only makes full use of resources, but also fully ensuring the labor safety and health of employees.


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