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Lianyungang Pengchen Special New Material Held Project Start Ceremony

Time: 2017-02-17

On the morning of February 12, the Xuwei New District Conference and the Pengchen Special New Material 500,000 Tons/Year Aromatic Hydrocarbon Separation and Polyimide Project Commencement Ceremony was held in Xuxu New District in 2017 on the morning of the province's major project centralization. Municipal leader Xu Jiabao, Shi Haibo, secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of the East, Middle and West Demonstration Zone, and Jiang Xingzhou, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee, attended the ceremony.

At the site of the commencement ceremony, Jiang Xingzhou presided over and introduced the comprehensive situation of the concentrated start-up projects in the new area. The chairman of Pengchen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Tan Mingchu introduced the situation of aromatics separation and polyimide projects. Finally, Xu Jiabao announced the start of the project.

It is understood that the Xuwei New District will start five major projects this time, with a planned total investment of 2.9 billion yuan. Among them, the 500,000 tons/year aromatics separation and polyimide project is located in the Xuwei New District Petrochemical Industrial Park, which was invested and constructed by Lianyungang Pengchen Special New Material Co., Ltd. The project mainly uses Tianjin University’s new high-efficiency tower internals structured packed tower technology, New melting and solvent crystallization technology, mesitylene liquid air oxidation and anhydride formation and other advanced technologies, with an annual output of 388,000 tons of aromatic hydrocarbon solvent products (trimethylbenzene, tetratoluene, homo-anhydride, etc.), and 102,000 aromatic hydrocarbon plasticizer products Tons, 10,000 tons of polyimide series products, etc.

Source: Xuxu New District Government Official Website "Xuxu New District's 2017 Central Province Major Projects Start"


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