Top Reasons to Stay in Serviced apartments in Singapore


Serviced apartments in Singapore

Serviced apartments are gaining popularity as an option for accommodations. Both business travelers and people on holiday consider this option over the traditional hotel due to a couple of advantages and benefits, notwithstanding the possible cost savings. For expats, this is common and likely the first option when visiting for longer stays or relocating for good. Why choose serviced apartments in Singapore? Here are a few of points worth considering.

Convenient Accommodations

Serviced apartments are spacious living areas that come with all necessities and comforts just like a regular flat or home. With a full-furnished apartment that you can take advantage of, it’s no wonder more and more choose this option. While hotels offer the same level of comfort and convenience, serviced apartments were purposely built and designed to provide a more homely stay, giving the users more freedom of space, living arrangements, food choices, and access to useful cooking and food preparation units. For example, a guest can easily make his or her coffee whenever he wants to instead of waiting around for room service or visit the hotel café to get his dose of caffeine.

Relocation Made More Manageable

Serviced apartments offer business travelers a convenient relocation solution. Corporate housing demands favorable and cost-effective living spaces for their employees/staff; this can either be a temporary accommodation as the company or individual finds a place to rent or a short-stay accommodation as an alternative to traditional hotels. What makes serviced apartment an ideal choice for corporate housing is the flexibility in booking and easy relocation management by outsourced companies.

Financial Cost Savings

As opposed to hotel bookings, there are serviced apartments that offer lower rates. Even if they do offer similar rates, the incidental costs are minimized, thereby lowering overall cost. With a regular hotel booking, you will tend to spend more on food and other needs, what with more costly prices and frequent dining out as your available option. Let’s admit that hotels tend to charge for extra service and amenities. With serviced apartments, however, you get to spend less on food if you have the option to do your grocery and prepare inexpensive meals on a daily basis.

Privacy and Accessibility

A serviced apartment offers you the freedom to come and go as you please and take visitors in without the waiting time and going through the concierge to approve entry. You have access to the apartment just like it was your home where you can welcome and invite your guests. Moreover, serviced apartments are mostly located in city centers, offering you easy access and convenience going around town and traveling to central business districts if you’re on business.

Serviced apartments in Singapore offer flexible payment options while others require a minimum amount of the deposit. Therefore, if you are a frequent traveler to Singapore, then choose to stay in a luxury serviced apartment where you get all the facilities you want.


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