Reasons Why You Need Satellite Video Distribution Singapore

Efficiency is maximized. Nowadays, video conferencing is gaining support by most companies around the world. Especially for those international companies. Virtual meetings allow more team members cooperated in the business to interact while minimizing time in and out of the office. Affordable metro areas are often a point-to-point broadband wireless link so the voice connection makes this possible. Thanks to the development of Internet and It technology, today employees will use two to three devices in their offices. They not just access files or view emails but access bandwidth intensive applications like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Poor speed connectivity will drop employee efficiency by almost a third. Therefore, they may need high speed satellite video distribution Singapore so as to work efficiently.

While most businesses would have networked the computers within any given facility, that means they will need enterprise-wide networks which can connect buildings within a city, region or even abroad. High-speed data connections allow all departments and groups making instant connection and share information in real time regardless of physical location. Also, Internet traffic has increased exponentially. Customers create considerable traffic by using web browsers and web-based communication. Email with large presentations and files may affect small pipe connections. Files of all types are increasing to the point that high data connection is a must while sending and receiving data at a slow connection is too time consuming. Time is money. Business decisions cannot be put on hold that data must be transferred over high capacity lines.

Applications that had been considered high-end and most esoteric are finding increased use in businesses that they will soon become essential. In most cases, these applications are using multimedia including video or audio. Presentation software, incorporating sophisticated graphics, as well as multimedia is acting important role to quickly communicate complex information.

Additionally, IT practices such as network storage or networked backups will require large data connection. Networked storage involves Network Attached Storage that storage resides on the network. While network backups provide cost savings by allowing only a huge tape device located in one building backing up the servers found in multiple buildings. Built on the world’s most advanced network technology, satellite video distribution Singapore offers constant bandwidth availability and video transmission over diverse protected fiber paths to ensure seamless video delivery reliably.

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