Merits Of licensed money lender Singapore

1-8The growth of the economy in Singapore has slackened, and businesses are wary of employing new people. Jobs have become scarce, and people cling on to existing jobs. With prices of essential and nonessential commodities hitting the roof, it is difficult for a common man with a fixed income to meet his commitments during normal times itself. Therefore, when emergency situations arise like accidents, illnesses, or a death in the family, people often take recourse to borrowing money. Despite the urgency of a situation, it is better to borrow from a licensed money lender Singapore. This ensures that your financial needs are met correctly and professionally.

Choosing the Right licensed money lender Singapore

Moneylenders in Singapore offer options like personal loans, loans for starting a business, payday loans, or foreigner loans. The borrower must choose an agency that does not charge administrative fees for processing the loan. They will be open about their fees for late payments and consequences of bounced cheques. There will be no hidden charges, and everything will be done in a transparent fashion. They will be at a position of answering any questions the borrower may have in a professional manner. Their rates of interest will be competitive as compared to the others.

Benefits of Cash Loans in Singapore

Cash loans in Singapore are useful when people run into unexpected problems and need money quickly to solve the problem. They often cannot wait for a loan to be sanctioned the normal way. An individual can get cash loans, also called payday loans, at reasonable rates of interest. These are short term loans given for not more than 90 days based on a person’s monthly salary. This is of great help to people with no credit history or a poor credit history. Since the lender does not ask for umpteen paper work or the presentation of documents, the cash can be transferred to your account in as little as one hour.

Importance of Personal Loans

In Singapore, personal loans are sought after by people who need cash in a hurry for an emergency or to make a major purchase. They prefer to go the personal loan route because the minimum amount you need to borrow is smaller. The decision to sanction or not to sanction the loan is made quickly since the paperwork is minimal and processing is quicker. If approved, the money comes into your account very quickly, usually on the same day. The customer does not have to use his credit cards with its high interest or even use the equity in his home. There is no need to produce any collateral. It is essential though that the borrower reads the fine print and is well informed about service charges, foreclosure charges, and any other hidden charges

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