How about Battery Saver App Purify App?

battery saver appAndroid is a most sophisticated system because it can run many tasks at a time. But that also reduce your battery and phone performance. Even if your phone has high power battery, you had never test full juice of it. So to get a full performance of your phone and optimize full juice of your battery you need a good battery saver app. Here is a Purify battery saver app, which is your ultimate and intelligent task manager.

If you have a very advanced android phone, which has 3G/4GB of ram and high MAH battery, even though it lags when you play full graphics game, slow downloading and uploading files, slow to open apps, slow phone speed, and even after all bad experience it also shows “Battery Low”. that’s really frustrating, you may get angry on your phone, but that’s not his fault, it’s all about your all power is optimize somewhere else rather than where you want to optimize it. That’s background running apps, there are many apps running background in android some are useful but some are just dumb. yes, you can always force stop them but some apps continuously try to open again in the background, these are black ships. Like this, You can’t control many other things on your phone. But a smart app can do that for you.

Purify app is built with advance algorithm which analyzes and kill unuseful background tasks in just one click. You can get full control of your phone’s battery and ram usage. It has many other useful features like.1. It fully optimizes your drop down menu, clear notification bar, performs a battery saver action directly from there.2. You can whitelist some application you never wanna close.3. you can check purify logs to check how much battery saved by Purify app.4. Recharge smart lock screen.

Conclusion:If you wanna get the best performance of your phone, you must have to optimize unuseful tasks, which using your ram and battery.And now, let’s do that all in just one click with Purify app. Get rid of all worries and battery low alerts. This is essential thing to have.

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