Features and Benefits of Fast Loan in singapore

Fast Loan in SingaporeForeigners living and working in Singapore often encounter financial issues since it takes long for banks to approve loans to foreigners. To make matters worse, the rate of interest is slightly higher due to the added risk of lending to non-citizens. Urgent fast loan Singapore is a money lending company that specializes in extending loan cash advancements to aliens in a fast and efficient manner. A foreigner can access payday loans or even a personal loan at some of the lowest interest rates in the market. The loans are offered in customized packages enabling you to borrow any amount you want.

Features and Benefits of the Fast Loan in Singapore:


Highly trained and qualified representatives are ready to attend to your needs. The only requirement that an applicant must possess is a valid employment pass and a stable job.

Low interest

The range of tenure is from 2 months up to 12 months. The Annual Percentage Rate (Apr) of the foreigner loan is from 12% to 36 % per annum. The interest is calculated on a reducing interest rate for the one-year tenure.

Fast approval

The loans are approved very quickly allowing you to access your money in just a short period. The application procedure for the loan is quick, straightforward and convenient.

  • One of the key attributes that sets Singapore loans from other unlicensed competitors is that every customer is addressed with the highest level of respect. You will not be asked to hand over your SingPass or relinquish your personal identification documentation until you have completed payment of the funds.
  • You will not be subjected to illegal activities such as signing bank contracts. Our representatives explain all conditions of the loan in details so you can make an informed decision.
  • We do not hold back on the amount of your approved loan limit for charges or fees.

Simple Process

Our loans feature a very convenient and straightforward application process for all foreigners wishing to apply. You can just apply for the loan online or even visit our nearest location to consult our representatives. The minimum requirement is just a stable job as well as a valid employment pass.

These loans are without a doubt fast and efficient. While a foreigner may face difficulty in accessing some form of funding while in a new country, Singapore fast loans help you get money, fast and hustle free without paying huge interests. Accessing money as a foreigner could not be easier. Make an informed decision to apply for the Singapore Foreigner loan and enjoy fast and convenient loans at a low-interest rate.

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