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Citrus JuicerFruit and vegetable juices are the ideal diets for those on weight-loss programs, convalescents, children, people with digestive problems, senior citizens, those with chronic illnesses like cancer, immune-system deficiencies, and acidity. They’re also ideal for dissolving tablets and other medications which are difficult to swallow.

While choosing a good citrus juicer, remember:

The citrus juicer should be relatively noise-free. If you’re going to prepare juice for the whole family every day, and especially in the mornings, it is important to get one with a quieter motor.

It should not generate heat or “juice foam.” Motor heat can destroy delicate fruit and vegetable enzymes and vitamins, thus negating the very purpose of consuming the juice. The motor should run at lower rpm. “Juice foam” is something that many people dislike and a slower motor will ensure that your juices don’t come with an inch-thick layer of foam on top.

Shredding, ripping of food

Most citrus juicers work on a centrifugal system, with the fruit or veg being shredding into tiny bits, pulped and thrown into a wire basket. However this could expose the tiny bits to oxidation and destroy their nutritional content.


Many conventional citrus juicers available end up wasting a lot of fruit pulp that still contains plenty of juice. The fast-spinning motors throw out pulp before it is fully squeezed. This can lead to great cost-savings. Check on the juice per weight of fruit/veg that the good citrus juicer can extract.

Safe for children/seniors

While choosing a good citrus juicer in Greenis, ensure that it is safe to use for small children, seniors and people with disabilities if they are part of your family.


If you like other products like nut-milk and shakes, get a good citrus juicer that can perform multiple tasks. There are also different types of citrus juicers for soft fruits, hard vegetables, wheat-grass, nuts and special citrus citrus juicers. You can buy a special citrus juicer for any of these applications or one that has different blades and operations for different items.


The ideal citrus juicer that you buy should be easy to clean, without too many parts, sharp blades or dangerous moving parts.


Be clear about the exact operation before you buy a good citrus juicer. Some may require little or no prep of the fruit or vegetables, others may require you to remove rind, seeds, and cores.


Since this is an appliance that you will be regularly using and very frequently, make sure that you choose a reputable brand.


In places like Greenis, you can get good citrus juicers for as low as $30 to $2000+ depending on your needs and budget and the features offered.

Keep all these pointers in mind while shopping for the perfect citrus juicer.

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