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android battery save appOften we wish that our Android Smartphone or tablet would last longer and the battery life would be prolonged. It so happens that even after using your phone carefully it does end up with low battery. It does seem frustrating especially when you need it. You can apply some custom settings that are available for Android users but then there are its limitations too. Now, the best possible solution is to employ an app that will prolong battery life..

Below are features to look for when finding an android battery save app:

flexible and easy to use:

Ensure that your Android battery app is easy to use to provide an ideal way to save some extra hours of your Android’s battery life. Flexibility allows your to toggle preset modes with just a tap on the screen; the app adjusts battery consumption according to your reading, relaxing, or even gaming activities.Users who don’t like the standard modes can create a battery saving plan of their own.

 Background synchronization:

Choose the battery app that allows you to choose which apps can keep the screen on and up to what duration.Consider those that offer access to the ‘extreme’ and ‘customized’ profiles enabling you to boasts peak hours and weekend settings and offers deeper GPS controls to save extra battery units.

Automated settings:

This feature enables users to automate the Android experience; this provides leverage to set times for sleeping and disabling of connections.Also added advantage features involve automation features that allow a user set the phone to handle media, texting, phone calls and perform other Android functions.

Apart from installing a battery saver app, you can also save battery by adjusting a few settings on your device. For instance, you can switch to airplane mode and turn off features like Bluetooth and GPS, when not in use. Setting your device to adjust the brightness automatically, restricting social media apps from constantly pinging for updates, and installing updates only when connected to a Wi-Fi can bring surprising battery conservation results.

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